Supernanny Jo Frost asks if parents are ‘lazy and enabling’

"Teachers are potty training five-year-olds"

August 20 2018

She’s never been one to shy away from controversy, and now the no-nonsense Supernanny Jo Frost has sparked another polarising debate amongst parents.

Taking to Twitter, Jo asked if parents have become ‘lazy, enabling and too helpful to please’.

“Toddlers still on pacifiers, teachers potty training 5YO, 6YO still in pushchairs, bottoms still being wiped at 7YO,” she wrote.

“What is your take on this?” she asked her 70K followers.

People were quick to respond, with some blaming social media and iPhone addiction, while others said it was up to each individual child and family.

 ‘Too busy on their phones etc., to bother with their children,’ one wrote.

‘If the kid can VERBALIZE “Mommy could you please come here and wipe my ass” you have done a disservice to that child,' added one Twitter user.

Another said: ‘Although it's not ideal - sometimes children take a bit longer or parents circumstances don't make it possible.’

Jo also pointed out that she was not talking about children who had medical conditions.

Later on, Jo added that she was proud of the conversation that had taken place.

“I just wanted to say how proud I am of you all contributing to the conversation honestly without fear of back lash. We are all here to give our opinion as family/ parents,carers and support eachother, hugs hugs hugs to you all,” she Tweeted.

The 47-year-old star of Channel 4's Supernanny program, made the comments after she shared a debate on Good Morning Britain last week about the right time to stop using a pushchair.

"Saving time, finding excuses, robs our children of learning what is needed for them to thrive with their development,” she said.