Pregnant mum CHARGED by police after her toddler wees in public

This is so shocking

April 08 2019

When Brooke Johns’ three-year-old son, Cohen, announced that he needed to go to the loo, she did her very best to get him to a public toilet. 

Unable to carry the boy - because she’s weeks away from giving birth - the stressed-out pregnant mum tried to hustle the youngster to a nearby petrol station. 

“He's like, 'Mom, I've got to pee. I've got to pee!' I was like, 'Well, hold on,' and he's like, 'No! I've GOT to pee! I've got to REALLY pee.'

And I'm like, 'Baby, there's nowhere for me to go, and he says, 'Momma, I'm about to pee in my pants!" Brooke told 

However when she realised that they weren’t going to make it, Brooke did what she thought was the next best thing - covering him, while he urinated in the petrol station’s carpark. 



“He was peeing before his pants were even all the way down, so obviously he had to go,” she added

But unfortunately the long arm of the law didn’t see things that way, with a local police deputy in Georgia, Atlanta, charging the American mum with disorderly conduct over the incident. 

The ticket she received states: “She allowed her male child to urinate in the parking lot. I observed the male’s genitals and the urination. Public restrooms are offered at the location.”

Brooke tells “He [the police deputy] was like, ‘Take him in the bathroom.’ What if I would have ran in the bathroom and someone had been in there? What I was going to let him do? Pee on the floor of the gas station?

The whole toilet training incident has shocked mums on social media, with many ‘disgusted’ by the deputy’s lack of compassion. 



‘This is outrageous - you show me a mum who hasn’t been caught out with a toddler who needs to wee and I’ll show you a million dollars,’ said one. ‘Added another: ‘Excellent use of police time and the court system. Got to catch those criminals!’

Said one more: ‘This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I would’ve been arrested 10 times already if this had been me with my kids.’



Do you think she should have got a ticket?



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