Decorating your delivery room after your baby's birth is the latest trend - but what do you think?

Would you makeover your delivery suite in hospital?

April 08 2019

If you're looking for more than just congratulations balloons and flowers to celebrate your baby's birth - this new trend of decorating your ENTIRE delivery suite might just be for you.

The 'delivery room decor', created by US baby clothes company Ruffles 'n' Buttons, means mums-to-be can make over their hospital rooms with personalised bedding, pillow cases, a dressing gown, baby clothes and much more.

Who needs the sterile, boring white sheets and blankets of a hospital, when you can add a touch of personalised glamour to your bedding, your outfit AND your baby's outfit?


Ruffles 'n' Buttons

Ruffles 'n' Buttons


This trend went viral recently after the online store store posted some of their designs on its Facebook page, and received more than 14,000 comments!

However, the designs have divided opinion in mums who can't agree if they love - or aren't wild about the designs. 

‘So wish I saw this sooner! I just had my little guy 5 weeks ago 😩,’ said one. ‘Cuteee and Creative!!! 😩😍 I’m sorry I LOVE IT!!!!’ said another. 

But others disagreed.

‘The most extra of extra,’ said one mum. ‘Is this seriously a thing?’ said another.

However, you feel about these personalised decor sets, sadly they're not available to buy in Australian stores yet but you can check out the on-line store on Etsy - but they're not cheap at around $500.

What do you think of these personalised hospital sets? 


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