“My two-year-old son can see a ghost in our house.”

This is terrifying

Content Editor / April 04 2019

Mum of two Mary Katherine was sitting enjoying a Disney movie with her family when her son said something that made her spine tingle.

“Mommy, I think our little girl is sad,” he whispered.

Mary thought he was referring to his as-yet unborn baby sister in her tummy, but he clarified: “No, not little sister, the girl who sleeps in our house.”

Writing on Scary Mommy, Mary explained that her son was only two at the time, so she was pretty sure he was too young to make it up.

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“Ben raised his finger, pointed behind the chair in which my husband sat and added: ‘Right there, with the red eyes.’”

“It was in that moment I experienced what can only be described as all the nopes that ever noped,” she wrote.

“My blood ran cold, and I suddenly felt an urge to pack our things, light a ginormous match, and burn the house down as we peeled out of the driveway.”

After putting her son to bed, she posted on Facebook to see if anyone else had similar experiences with their children seeing ghosts, and the internet did not disappoint.

“I was bombarded with stories of post-funeral sightings, historic house hauntings, you name it.

“One mama commented that her 3-year-old twins once sat down for a pretend tea party with a woman named Magdalina. No big deal, right? Well, Magdalina happened to be the name of their late great-grandmother who died two days before their birth.”

Over the next six months, her son continued to have sightings of the little ghost girl with red eyes, who he dubbed ‘Night Night Angel.’ “Just in case it wasn’t terrifying enough,” Mary joked.

“I’m very pleased to announce that after the birth of our daughter, the Night Night Angel seemingly disappeared.

“Which could go either way, really, but I’m going to take it as a good sign and not even touch on the other Stephen King novel plot potential.

“All of this to say, nobody told me kids seem to have this uncanny ability to see ghosts. Apparently it’s a thing. And I feel like since it is a thing, it’s my God-given duty to share this information with you before your family’s TV picnic is spoiled by a poltergeist and you decide to burn your house down.”

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