Mum sees a STRANGER'S bedroom on her new baby monitor - NOT her daughter's

Edana Day, a mum-of-one, was horrified by what she saw

January 23 2019

An Aussie mum  was horrified when she installed a brand new wireless baby monitor for her daughter - and a stranger's bedroom appeared on the screen!

Edana Day, 27, from Mandurah, WA,  bought the Uniden monitor so her partner, who works away, could stay connected to their eight-month-old daughter.

She's now warning other parents to check their baby monitors after this glitch caused her to panic about her family's safety.

The product is described as "award-winning" and costs around $250. It allows parents to see their child on a smartphone from anywhere in the world with a QR code and generic password.


Edana Day/Channel 9

Edana Day/Channel 9

But as Edana checked to see if the system was working, she was shocked to see there was a glitch in the system and she saw a stranger's bedroom on the screen.

"I logged in through what the instructions told me to and it wasn't my daughter's bedroom," she told 9News.

"It was somebody else's bedroom."

This is what she saw...


Channel 9

Channel 9


Edana is now too scared to use any baby monitor system - incase a stranger can see her daughter's bedroom because of the same glitch.

"I don't know if someone can see my daughter's room now, I don't feel safe using this product," she said.

"I don't know if anyone around the world can log in and see my daughter's bedroom.

"That's my daughter's bedroom, I feel sick."

When 9News contacted Uniden - the makers of the wireless baby monitor - to explain the company didn't reveal if they had had any other complaints and could not comment on the case until they had reviewed the product first.