Dad captures ghostly figure on baby monitor


October 21 2018

A new dad claims he has caught a ghostly figure in the background of his baby's room. 

The un-named father then put his spooky footage on YouTube, apparently showing a ghoulish head popping out from behind his bathroom door. 

The dad is downstairs trying out a new baby video monitor while his baby and the baby's mum are upstairs in the house in Ireland. 

As he tried to get footage of them both, he suddenly stops and races upstairs to see if he can find the figure he spotted in the footage.

But there's no-one there. 



His partner looks genuinely confused as to what is going on when the man races around the bedroom and bathroom looking for the ghost. 

But, after watching the video, many viewers are claiming the whole thing is a fake. 

'It moves too fast,' says one. 'I believe it was made on a computer.'

'Was the father using a video camera to record the monitor? If so, why did he choose that moment? Think about it? Fake!' says another.

But others believe that if you pause the video in the place you can see a demonic head. 

'Great capture,' said one fan 'It's a demon's face. Clear as a bell.'

What do you think?