Can you see it? Father "froze" after spotting terrifying lights on baby monitor

It was while his 13-month-old daughter was sleeping...

September 19 2018

Stephen Armstrong froze in fear after spotting a creepy 'orb' hovering over his 13-month-old daughter's cot as she lay sleeping on Saturday night.

After spotting the orb moving around the room on the baby monitor, he had to search for the courage to check on his baby daughter Ella, reported

The 31-year-old father admitted that he "froze" and "didn't move" when he spotted the orb. He also claimed that he doesn't believe in the paranormal or "stuff like that", but the whole episode has chilled him to the bone.

Spotting the ghostly orb on the baby monitor wasn't the first spooky event to happen in the family's home in the town of Blyth, UK. Stephen claimed that a few months before, he had found a doll he had never seen before in his daughter's cot.

However, he admitted that, "I kind of brushed the doll one off, and said there had to be something else - some other explanation."

Stephen has claimed that spotting the orb was scarier and when he saw it on the baby monitor he "went white" and "had to pluck up the courage to go into the room."

He is now seeking answers to what happened.

Paranormal Investigator, Sammy Rawlins, weighed in on the spoke event, telling Chronicle Live,"That looks like an orb, someone visiting the child from the other side."

“They want to check if it’s anyone in spirits’ birthday or anniversary this month and this can include pets that have passed.”

But Stephen remains baffled by what he saw and claims he initially thought it could have been a bit of dust, but "the movement, how it goes in one direction, turns a bit then flies away is so strange. I was freaked out."

This story originally appeared on New Idea. 

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