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September 20 2018

A mum rushed her nine-year-old daughter to hospital after she claimed a squishy burst and caused chemical burns on her daughter's fingers. 

Lisa Marie Coyle rushed Cara-Rose, nine, to hospital after the youngster's hands began blistering when liquid oozed out of the popular toy, known as a squishy.

Earlier this month squishies were banned in Denmark amid health concerns they contained serious chemicals which were dangerous. Danish authorities pulled them off the shelves after performing a series of tests. 


The mum-of-four, from Ireland, said back in May her daughter was playing with the toy. 'I got up on Sunday morning to her screaming in pain,' she explained to Belfast Live. 'The purpose of the toy is to squeeze it but it burst and went all round her hand, two fingers on one and one on the other.'

'I ran it under cold water but I did not know what it was. Whatever it was stuck to the sink so I rushed her to hospital and they looked at it and said it was a chemical burn and dressed it.'

Credit: Lisa Marie Coyle/the squishy

Credit: Lisa Marie Coyle/the squishy



The squishy, known as a Soft n' Slo squishy was bought in a local supermarket.

But the company who make the squishy believe that it might have been heated up before it burst - something they categorically advise against. Steve Tull, Quality Assurance Director for Character Options at Orb TM, told Sun Online, 'We believe that this Soft’n Slo Squishies toy has been heated in some way causing the inner foam to melt and the toy to burst.

'Soft’n Slo Squishies absolutely cannot burst in this way whilst simply playing with them; it is physically impossible in the way they are manufactured unless the foam is heated.'

However, mum Lisa Marie is horrified by what happened, 'If it had got on her face or in her eyes it would have been so much worse. It seemed quite corrosive and I don't know what's in it.

'You buy these toys and you think they will have been extensively tested but you just don't know.'

Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

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