NEW KIDS CRAZE ALERT! And this one doesn't cost a cent!

It's easy, free and fun - what more do we want?

September 17 2018

Are you tired of splashing out on endless fads for your kids?

Forget fidget spinners, Beyblades, Little Shop and Pokemon Go - finding painted rocks is the latest craze to sweep Australia.


Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook


So how does this latest rock painting fad work? 

Simply find a rock, decorate it however you want with paint - you can use patterns or words - and then leave it somewhere nearby for others to find. You can either take the rock and keep it, or hide it somewhere else. Some rocks have even made it as far afield as Dubai after originally being hidden in the UK!

There are even Facebook groups where members can post clues about where they've hidden the rocks. 

And the best part? All you need is a rock, some paint and your imagination!


You can find groups from all over the country but some of the biggest Facebook ones are NSW Rocks, QLD Rocks and Vic Rocks.

The trend started in the US, made its way to the UK and has now hit Australia!

One mum who leads the craze in the UK said it has transformed her and her daughter's life. 'I have a severely autistic daughter and struggle to find hobbies that fit around our busy life,” Tassie Hobden told Fabulous.

'Rock painting is perfect. It gives me something to do in my (very little) spare time, makes others smile and lowers my own anxiety win!'

'Rocking has even been known to engage a teenage Mia, my 13-year-old, who hates being outside with people but enjoys painting, hiding and hunting rocks!' she added.

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