September 17 is officially the most SPECIAL day of the year to be born!

Find out why...

September 17 2018

Believe it or not, September 17 is officially a brilliant day to be born


It's the most popular day of the year to be born in Australia making your baby (or you, if it's your birthday) part of a very special September 17 club.

Over a 10-year period there have been 8,862 births on September 17 – more than any other day throughout the year.





Clearly this begs the question, what was happening nine months before today? And the answer, of course, is Christmas! Obviously a time for parents-to-be to let their hair down and enjoy the summer!

It is also, as Practical Parenting’s expert Angela Mollard reveals, a great time to host a birthday party – and not just because they’ll have plenty of other September 17 babies to party with. Her reasoning? ‘You’ll celebrate your birthday during the footy finals!’ she says.

And you'll have a little Virgo on your hands. Virgos are thought to be intelligent, patient, and humble. With Mercury as the ruling planet, people born under this sign are quick-thinking, observant, and analytical.

So, if it's your birthday or your child's today - enjoy your day  and as you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, remember you're pretty darn special. 

Celebrities who were born on September 17

Baz Luhrman

Anastasia the singer

Um..that's all we could find!

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