Nutella Slices! Lunchboxes will never be the same again!

Where will it all end?

September 12 2018

Forget cheese slices - Nutella slices are on their way and the world is going mad!

We first saw these chocolate slices hit the shelves back in 2015, but now word on the street is that Nutella Slices are coming back!





'We keep hearing that Nutella have been trialling an alternative to their traditional spread - and it looks like Nutella Slices is what they'll release next,' says food insider on-line. 'They're talking about releasing it in 2019 - it's going to be massive.'

 The news has sent fans of the hazelnut spread into a frenzy, with one commenting: 'Nutella slices - what a time to be alive!' 

 We couldn't agree more... 

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