This space-age pet house takes your cats to the next level!

Count down to incredible!

September 13 2018

With or without your cat crawling through this clever Scandi space station, it makes a style statement in your home.

Where form follows function, everyone wins and this clever cat house is a fantastic example of great design. Available in modular hexagonal units designed to be hung together to form an interesting climbing home for your pet puss, the ‘Busy Cat’ works just like a beehive – with as many or as few units needed to fill your available space and keep your furry friends happy.

With four openings, each unit can be attached to one another in a honeycomb-like structure and works as a freestanding piece too – in any shape you (or your cat) fancy.

You might also like the fun ‘Spaceship Alpha’ - another creation by MYZOO. This cute capsule gives your cat a secure place to sleep, hide and observe the goings on at home through double-ended perspex concave windows, all from the comfort of its own… space.

Made in Japan, all of the MYZOO products ship to Australia via Amazon. We think they're purrfect!

This article originally appeared on Home Beautiful.

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