This baby bottle manicure squirts real milk. No, this is not a joke...


December 03 2018

These baby bottle nails squirt real milk. Yes, it's true. And yes, it's gross!

Sorry, if we made you spit out your coffee but mums-to-be and mums are getting this wild and wacky nail art as part of their manicure in Russia. 

Russian artist, @nail_sunny, posted a tutorial video (below) which shows her using acrylic to create a baby bottle shape on the nails, and then injecting each nail with milk. Yes, milk. 

The video also demonstrates how @nail_sunny pierces the bottle’s nipple with a needle and REAL MILK drips out. 



🍼🍼🍼- or 🙈🙈🙈? Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial
🍼🍼🍼- or 🙈🙈🙈? Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

And the whole thing has fascinated, impressed and disgusted fans - all at the same time. 

'This is the grosses thing ever,' said one. While others tagged in friends and suggested they get the nails for the birth of the baby...

"At least your baby would always have access to milk,' said one while another joked. 'Who would ever do this?'

But these aren't the weirdest nails the salon has ever revealed on Instagram.

Oh no.

A quick look through their Instagram and you can see that they have given at least one customer, sanitary towel nails and another gets tampon nails.

Just going to leave that there to sink in for a second. But see the photos below...


Pads nails - always a good idea 💡 🕶 #nailsunnytutorial idea @eleonoramovs
Pads nails - always a good idea 💡 🕶 #nailsunnytutorial idea @eleonoramovs
#nailsunnytutorial 1? 2? 3? 4? 5 ? 6 ? 7 ? 8? 9? 10 ?
#nailsunnytutorial 1? 2? 3? 4? 5 ? 6 ? 7 ? 8? 9? 10 ?

And we thought the new trend of getting your baby scan imprinted onto your nails during a manicure was slightly out there! That's shown us!

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