Ultrasound nails are now are THING - and it's breath-taking!

Love it or loathe it?

October 15 2018

What are ultrasound nails?

It's the latest 2018 pregnancy fad and it's taking the world by storm - ultrasound nails! Ultrasound nails are when you get your baby scan photo painted onto your finger nails as nail art. 



It's thought getting the baby-scan-on-your-nails thing was started by nail artist Sarah Clarke from the UK who originated the idea with one of her clients.

She told PRETTY52 website, '"I created that nail with firstly applying the acrylic nail and painted the picture by copying her scan picture using paint and a fine brush,' she explained.


Sarah Clarke/Facebook

Sarah Clarke/Facebook


And it's not only a huge fad with mums-to-be who are pregnant, but it's also a poignant way to remember a miscarriage or a stillbirth.

Sarah added, 'I have now got quite a few people booked in for these including a few people who have lost their babies and want it for an occasion.'

The nails have prompted a wide range of reactions from people on social media. Some love it, some find it creepy while others are just weirded out by the whole concept. 

What do you think?