Know a beer lover? The 100% Aussie beer advent calendar is here!

Happy Christmas!

October 22 2018

We've all seen that wine advent calendars are now THE big thing for Christmas 2018, but did you know beer-lovers can also enjoy the joys of a surprise bottle every day in December?

Yes, there's now an Australian beer advent calendar!

Beer Cartel have announced they're selling the advent calendar with 25 unique beers from 25 different independent Australian breweries. Of the 25 beers, 7 are exclusive one-off releases so you can guaranteed that any beer fan will be impressed.  

Advent Calendar - @beercartel
Advent Calendar - @beercartel



Costing $119, you get $160 worth of beer in your advent calendar and each beer is secretly hidden behind a little cardboard window that you tear open each day. 

In the morning simply pop open the little cardboard window for that day and place the beer in the fridge. It'll be perfectly chilled to enjoy later that day.


Just head to to buy. Easy!