This shower wine glass holder is everything

Pour a glass and lock the bathroom door

September 14 2018

Is there anything better than a steamy shower or a hot bath after a long day? Not really. But could it be improved by the addition of a glass of your favourite wine? Yes, yes it could.

American retail store Urban Outfitter is now selling a shower wine glass holder which means you can sip on your beverage of choice without having to reach outside the shower door to the sink to get the glass.

The waterproof holder is made out of a silicone material which adheres to any slick surface, and costs just $15. We're already adding it to our Christmas wish list along with the wine advent calendar. Have you ever seen a more perfect match?!

There's also a brand called SipCaddy which has created a cup holder meant for cans, bottles, cups, and wineglasses, even those with stems.

Bubble bath, champagne, and cheesecake for #nationalcheesecakeday #sipcaddy #bathwine
Bubble bath, champagne, and cheesecake for #nationalcheesecakeday #sipcaddy #bathwine

We know what we're doing this weekend.

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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