The wine you drink reveals a LOT about your personality, study shows

Red or white?

Content Editor / May 28 2019

Do you love a glass of Shiraz or is a Sauvignon Blanc more your style?

It turns out the type of wine you drink – red or white – says a lot about your personality traits.

The research was conducted by Coravin and looked at the differences in personality traits between those who drink red wine and those who like white wine and found significant differences between the two.

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Is red wine your drink of choice? Then according to research you are introverted, an early bird, and prefer dogs to cats.

You are also partial to jazz music, and identify as being adventurous, humble and organised.

You’re also more likely to be considered a ‘wine aficionado’ and don’t mind spending a bit extra on a bottle of vino.

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On the other hand, if white wine is your preferred tipple, then you’re more likely to be extroverted, a night owl and with a preference for cats over dogs.

You also listen to punk music (!), identify as being curious, sarcastic and a bit of a perfectionist.

You’re also more likely to spend a bit less on your wine than your red-loving friends.

What do you think? Is this true for you?

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