Fascinating horoscope predictions for babies born in 2021

They're coming into the world after the wildest year ever, so what's in store for these little ones and their mums?

December 01 2020


Mums: Your fun adventurous side will certainly help keep your children busy, I do want you to remember you are also independent so to keep your energy levels up and so you don’t lose yourself next year make sure you are doing something that rocks your soul.

Bubs: Aquarian babies born in 2021 will have a lot to say, their imagination will astound you if you allow them to play dress ups and let them be whoever they decide to be all will be well. Don’t try and box this star sign in they need room to grow.


Mums: Intuitively you will always know what your child needs, and your gentle nature will nurture a star child. This is also a reminder to be gentle with yourself and allow the children to give love to you as well as receive it.

Bubs: Don’t be surprised if your bub isn’t staring into space, these Pisces kids love to daydream staring off into the ethers. Remember they are from the Universe and are quite happy being alone.

Pisces kids love to daydream (Image: Getty)

Pisces kids love to daydream (Image: Getty)


Mums: Yes you are a fire sign and passionate about your family you create a wonderful comfortable home that everyone enjoys. You might need to calm your enthusiasm a little bit and try and balance the energy for your own sanity.

Bubs: Aries predominantly is a male sign, so bubs will love the men in your family. If you have a daughter, she may be a bit of a tom boy but hey these 2021 born children will have a balanced masculine and feminine energy.


Mums: You are so down to earth and practical, what a wonderful mum you make. The kids in your family can come to you and discuss or mull over any problems they have. You always have a solution.

Bubs: As Taurus is an earth sign let them play in the dirt, let them connect to Gaia instinctively. Show them how to grow plants and vegetables. These kids love any sensory activity using their hands. Oh, and sorry a tad stubborn!


Mums: Won’t you have fun shopping for your little ones! Keeping busy you are very adaptable to any given situation. Very giving and very supportive you love with all your heart.

Bubs: Yes there are two sides to this baby, maybe if they were born before 2021, due to this unconditional loving time it will not be so visible. Your Gemini children are inquisitive and curious searching for new things as their interests change often. But you will love the quirkiness.

Gemini children are inquisitive and curious (Image: Getty)

Gemini children are inquisitive and curious (Image: Getty)


Mums: Luckily you are imaginative and enjoy your hobbies, this will not only help you keep your identity but will give you some fun times with the kids. As a water sign fun holidays by the water will be fun for the whole family.

Bubs: Your beautiful baby is such a sensitive soul, you can nurture and cuddle this little one and your affection will certainly be returned. You will see how your child looks into your eyes adorably and what a great sibling to have in your family.


Mums: The queen in the palace you call home, everything has its place, and it is working like a well-oiled machine. Remember though you are also warm hearted loyal and fun, so sometimes you might be a little too serious trying to have everything perfect. Out of your head and breathe into your heart.

Bubs: Your child will love praise, they love attention. They will work so hard with a little encouragement. They are generous to a fault, so teaching them how to balance the giving and receiving will help them in later life. Leos are very creative and love numbers.


Mums: Virgo is a hardworking mum, you never stop, industrious and on the move constantly creating updated environments for your home. An earth sign I could imagine your garden is a paradise for children. You lead by example but, don’t forget to slow down and appreciate life.

Bubs: Your Virgo child will love routine, they are creatures of habit. This makes them feel secure and safe, whilst this is great, slowly build up their tolerance for spontaneity by asking what, do they feel like doing? Give them the opportunity to express their needs as often as you can.

Leos are very creative and love numbers (Image: Getty)

Leos are very creative and love numbers (Image: Getty)


Mums: You love harmony above all else and just when you think you have it the scales are tipped, but your fair-minded nature will always bring everything back into balance, so when siblings are frustrated with each other, you have a unique ability to settle the house down.

Bubs: Oh, how gorgeous is your Libra baby, so friendly and easily amused by new things can be a little bit demanding for attention. This is the perfect sign to set up outside with bubbles and watching balloons bounce around in the wind.


Mums: As a mum you are so resourceful and in tune with your baby, you’ve read all the books and watched all the YouTube videos you can. The thing about being a Scorpio mum is your need to be right can lead to a stress headache, letting go of control is sometimes hard for you, just keep that in mind.

Bubs: They want you then they don’t! A little bit confusing but these tiny Scorpions are introverted and extroverted all at the same time. So, getting to know their little tells will help you decipher their mood. They have this secret world all to themselves so don’t be surprised if they don’t talk to their imaginary friends.


Mums: You are fun sometimes coming off like a friend. You are generous with your love and time. You will open the world up to your children showing them that the world is their oyster and not having any limited thinking often taking them out of their comfort zones.

Bubs: Let your Sag child explore, they are free spirits and love their personal space. Excited at any new thing they are a joy to watch develop into the personality that suits them best.


Mums: Capricorn mums so down to earth and traditional. I can just imagine the traditions you are going to have set up for your children in your home. Great with boundaries and discipline your child will know exactly what is expected from then and vice versa, your loyalty will never be in doubt.

Bubs: Would it surprise you if they are climbers? No, the mountain goat is Capricorn, and they love setting goals for themselves to achieve. Striving forward is how you will see your babies’ quick movers.

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