Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake chat about the importance of making holiday memories

The parents of two have shared their favourite family travel memories and tips, the top spots on their bucket lists, and thoughts on the importance of taking time out with family.

November 24 2020

Ready to hit the road! (Image: Supplied)

Ready to hit the road! (Image: Supplied)

The Aussie destinations on top of Hamish Blake’s family travel hit-list  

“We have a long term view to one day spend six months doing 'The Big Lap' driving around the whole country when the kids are old enough (basically old enough to swim in a creek and read a crocodile warning sign is my basic vibe). But until then….” says Hamish who has the following places high on the bucket list.

  • Bay of Fires, Tasmania. "Have had mates who’ve raved about the natural beauty. I also love that it’s a little tricky to get to, so it’s quieter. I think those spots are always worth it.” 
  • The Kimberley, Western Australia. "Have never been and simply can’t wait. My wife is big on finding an oasis to swim in. I know her dream waterhole is out there.”
  • Bruny Island, Tasmania. "Love a bit of rugged coast and Bruny does rugged well from what I hear and my intensive googling.” 
  • Kangaroo Island, South Australia. "Have always wanted to visit, and after the bushfires I’m even more motivated to go and show some love to a very special part of Australia as they recover.” 
  • Lord Howe Island, New South Wales. "I guess I’m just collecting islands now? But Lord Howe must be visited. Again, I’m going heavily off mates and Google but I love trying to find pristine environments and from what I gather, it does not get much more pristine.” 
Like all Aussie families this year, theses guys are keen to get away. (Image: Instagram)

Like all Aussie families this year, theses guys are keen to get away. (Image: Instagram)

Getting out of the house and daily life with kids will create enduring bookmarks in your - and their - life," says Zoe. "Otherwise, especially with very young children, there is a risk of it all rolling into the same day, and a whole year will pass, and you can’t remember a single thing. We travel mostly so we can look back and go, ‘Oh yeah, we took Sonny to Byron Bay when he was 12 months old’, and that trip then locks in his age and our stage of life for us.” 

With overseas travel off the table, seeing Australia's beauty (like Whitehaven Beach) is high on the agenda (Image: Instagram)

With overseas travel off the table, seeing Australia's beauty (like Whitehaven Beach) is high on the agenda (Image: Instagram)

Hamish and Zoe Blake’s most cherished Aussie destinations 

“We love Daylesford in Victoria, the Southern Highlands and the greater Blue Mountains in New South Wales, and of course Byron and surrounds up north. It’s always tricky finding a happy medium between visiting the same places you know and love, and trying somewhere new and exotic to flex those exploration muscles, says Zoe.

Daylesford, Victoria

Hamish: “It was country Victoria where we would go for family holidays. Places like Maldon and Daylesford were a destination for us when I was little. Now they have a thriving boutique food and drink scene. My parents were ahead of the curve!” 

Gold Coast, Queensland:

Hamish: “I was one of the kids lucky enough to hit Expo 88! So, the Gold Coast was my first taste of Australia!”  

Uluru, Northern Territory:

Hamish: “I went to Uluru with just my dad for his 60th birthday. It was incredibly moving being there and learning from the traditional owners about their connection to country. Something I can’t wait to do with my kids and not just in Uluru, but all over Australia.”  

Road tripping to Cairns, Queensland:

Zoe: “Mum, Dad, my brother and I drove in a hatchback from the Southern Highlands in New South Wales to Cairns in Queensland for my sister’s wedding when I was about nine. It took DAYS AND DAYS. We stopped at all the ‘big’ things on the way for photos, I learned to dive after hours of practice in a motel pool in Mackay, and I was introduced to the concept of ‘When you’re on road trips, anything goes,’ when my extremely healthy, alternative mother allowed us to have chocolate milk and Milo bars for breakfast. Magic.”