Mum who used her body as human shield to save baby is tipped to win bravery award

Her whole body is bruised

October 14 2018

A young mum who used her body as a human shield to protect her baby in a freak storm has been hailed a hero and could get a special bravery award.

Fiona Simpson, 23, was left with horrific bruising and cuts to most of her body after hail blew out her car windshield last week near Kingaroy, Queensland.  

She was driving with four-month-old Clara and her 78-year-old grandmother when the super cell storm blew in and hail stones the size of tennis balls pelted the car.

Fiona pulled over but the force of the hail broke the window and little Clara was being pounded by hail. 

Fiona lay over her daughter and took the brunt of the hail. 





Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it was an "extraordinary" story and promised to recommend Ms Simpson for a bravery award.

"I didn't realise the danger of what hail could do," Ms Simpson told 9NEWS.

"I jumped in the back seat and just covered (Clara) with my body, hoping for it to pass, but it just got heavier and heavier."





Hail and shards of glass battered Ms Simpson and her grandmother, leaving them with such severe bruising and cuts, they spent the night in hospital. Clara however escaped with just a couple of cuts. 

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister, said Fiona was one of the 'bravest people I have read about recently'. Even though Fiona doesn't think her actions warrant a fuss. 

'I wouldn't have thought anyone like that would know about little old me,' she told ABC News. 

She said she has been inundated with hundreds of messages of support from around the world since the story broke.

'I've tried to reply to most of them but every time I clear through my messages 50 more pop up,' she said.

'People are offering to help, offering to send me ointments and creams, offering to buy me a massage, a few insurance companies have offered to replace my car.'