The Bachelor star Nick Cummins is 'not doing well'

He had two assistants to help though interview on The Project

October 14 2018

Nick Cummins needed two assistants to help him through an appearance on The Project and only agreed to appear on the show if it could be pre-recorded, NOT live.

The Bachelor star who refused to pick either of the finalists - Brittany or Sophie - because he felt he wasn't in love with them, pulled out of appearing on the show live and insisted it was pre-recorded so his answers could be checked and re-checked so he didn't embarrass himself.




Tommy Little who hosted the show told he audience that he felt the Honey Badger was depressed and was very nervous about coming on the show. 

The Daily Mail says he told the studio audience, ''Honestly he's a beautiful man! It's the most depressed he's been. It was heartbreaking to see!' 

'He was genuinely so nervous... he wouldn't have been able to do the interview live I don't think. Otherwise he would have probably freaked out and said f**k on-air!' he added.  

And a TV producer explained to the Sydney-based audience that Nick had pre-recorded his interview that afternoon because, 'he's not in a good place as a person' and is 'not doing well.' 

'He decided last minute he didn't want to speak in front of an audience,' they explained. 'We've all been in places where we're not doing well.'   

Last week, TV show A Current Affair tracked down the Honey Badger to his hotel in Papua New Guinea to demand answers about why he refused to pick either Brittany or Sophie on the show and he was met with a hostile reaction. Looking stressed and upset, his appearance on The Project last night was meant to help improve his image.

After his interview on the show Nick then took to his Instagram to tell his fans that since his return from Papua New Guinea where he walked the Kokoda Trail he has been under a huge amount of stress and he wanted to finally put an end to all the gossip by going on The Project. 

'There's been a lot of complexities in this show that people aren't aware of and a lot of pressure to get this desired fairy tale ending,' he said.

He added, 'Let's put it all behind us now and blaze into the res of 2018'