The Bachelor bombshell that explains EVERYTHING

Nick's done this before!

October 07 2018

Nick Cummins is the love rat Bachelor who's been slammed for refusing to pick any of the finalists in this year’s series of The Bachelor.

But his reasons for not committing to either of the two finalists, Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman, are no surprise to at least one of his exes – because he used the EXACT same line on her. And her friends believe he is just simply a commitment-phobe, and no girl will ever be good enough.


Sophie and Brittany being rejected in the finale of The Bachelor

Sophie and Brittany being rejected in the finale of The Bachelor


On Thursday night's final, Nick told Brittany, 'Right now, I can’t give 100 per cent of myself to you. My head is very cloudy. Right now, I'm a bit lost. Because of that I have to say this time has come to an end.'

And in an interview with Lisa Wilkinson on the Sunday Project he explained further, ‘Why would I go in and start something that has a high potential of three months down the track breaking her heart, you know? I’d rather make a very hard decision then at that point to save a big scar on the heart later.’

According to an old friend of his ex-girlfriend of six years, Martine Thomassen, this is nearly exactly what he said to her when the couple split back in 2016 after she pushed him for more commitment in their relationship.

‘He said he was lost and couldn't give 100 per cent commitment now and then break it further down the line and give her a big scar on her heart, ‘ the anonymous friend admitted. ‘Those were the exact words he used.’

So does this mean our Bachelor is just running from any kind of commitment and no girl will ever settle down with him?

Artist and student Martine, from Norway, moved to Western Australia in 2009 to study a Bachelor of Commerce degree where she met Nick. They dated for six years – even living together in Perth where he played rugby -  before returning home following their split.


Martine and Nick/Getty

Martine and Nick/Getty


Friends of Martine said she has been strangely silent since the Honey Badger appeared on the show despite being approached by magazines and TV shows desperate to score an interview with her.

She hasn’t appeared on Instagram since September 6 (the same week as Cat, Romy and Alisha exited the show) and friends say she is refusing to talk about Nick, The Bachelor or the end of their romance.

Could it be that she has gone to meet Nick in Papua New Guinea after he finishes the Kokoda trail? Her friends wouldn’t be surprised. ‘There’s always been unfinished business between them,’ said the friend. ‘She was so hurt after they split up - but he couldn't commit to her back then. After what happened on The Bachelor, it's doubtful he can do it with anyone.'

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