“The hospital murdered my son”

Couple devastated as their toddler dies after long wait

October 07 2018

The parents of a two-year-old boy who collapsed and died after waiting more than two hours in an emergency room have said the hospital has murdered their son.

Shadrach Sumaru and Kathryn Ram, from Victoria, phoned for an ambulance when their son, Isaiah, was struggling to breathe.

They claim they were told that he was suffering from a fever and that he did not need to be taken to A&E, but just needed to be given Panadol.

They called again the next day when his condition did not improve, but were rejected again.

The couple then brought their son to a GP who rang for an ambulance immediately.

Despite his deteriorating condition, the family were made to wait for two hours in the emergency room.

"My son was in Shad's lap and his last word was 'juice', so I gave him juice," Ms Ram told Nine News.

"He took that juice and all of a sudden his tongue swelled up, his eyes started rolling. "Then I started screaming 'something's happening to my son'."

The two-year old went into cardiac arrest and died that afternoon.