Why we won’t see The Bachelor’s mum on TV...

This is such a sad story

August 16 2018

Are you curious about the background of The Bachelor’s Honey badger, Nick Cummins?

Well, it turns out the former Rugby Union player had a very difficult upbringing – and he was brought up by his single dad, Mark Cummins, as one of a tribe of eight children from Logan, Brisbane, who Nick sees as his hero.

‘He's had eight kids to look after and the stress of work and yet he's always still managed to do it with a smile on his face. That's pretty inspiring," Nick told CNN. "Everyone thinks of their old man as a Superman and I certainly think that, looking after eight kids on his own.’

Nick refuses to talk much about his mum – who is divorced from Nick’s dad - and although he is in contact with her, she wasn’t around during his childhood. "She needed a bit of a break as she had a tough run looking after us nuisances," he said.

Nick and his dad, Mark, on Sunday Night, Channel 7.

Nick and his dad, Mark, on Sunday Night, Channel 7.

As a result, Mark Cummins, took full responsibility of the family including caring for two of Nick’s siblings who have Cystic Fibrosis – a serious condition that needs constant care.

 ‘Look, it's a life-limiting and quite serious thing,’ he told CNN about Joey and Lizzy. ‘People don't know much about it but they're both quite strong and quite strong-minded. They're fighting their way through it, their view is just to get on with it.’

Good to have my sis and the old boy in Honkers. #Aussie7s
Good to have my sis and the old boy in Honkers. #Aussie7s

Mick Cummins was named Queensland's Parent Of The Year in 2012. A year later he was sadly diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and Nick is always on hand to help him when he can.

But don’t think that means that the Honey Badger wants a big family, just like the one he grew up in.

"Coming from a big family has actually made me want less children of my own,’ he told NW. ‘It's awesome now because we're all grown up. But at a young age, thinking of trying to deal with all that? No, I wouldn't do that. To be able to give them all the love, attention and time that they need, I feel like I would need to have a lot less kids.’

So while it's doubtful we'll see his mum in the home visits on The Bachelor, Nick will need to find a girl who understands how important his family is to him - fingers crossed!


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