Jesinta Franklin opens up about her mother's devastating cancer battle

The model is still coming to terms with the shock news

August 13 2018

Jesinta Franklin has talked openly about her mum's on-going battle with bowel cancer.

The 27-year-old opened up to InStyle Australia that the shock diagnosis earlier this year was a catalyst in her decision to slow her life down and hopefully retire from public life at 40.

“This year, Mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer, (so) health has really been something that I’ve focused on,” Franklin told the magazine.

She added, "You think your parents are going to live forever. She didn’t have any symptoms and just went for a routine test. It was a shock because she is so vibrant, my mum.

“Seeing her come out of surgery … felt like a role reversal."

The model, who married married Sydney Swans star Lance 'Buddy' Franklin last June, says her immediate focus is on family.

“I always knew what I wanted in life and the things I really placed value on, but there was a lot of clarity in that moment. Family and health is everything.

“I feel like we’re so caught up, especially in this digital age, (that) the more you can get back to the simple life, the better.”

She added that she may return to live on the Gold Coast soon.

'I have such fond memories of growing up and I love the Gold Coast. I have a deep yearning to go back there. [It’s] my goal and my dream, but of course goals and dreams have to align with husband’s goals and dreams, too!' she said.