The secret pain behind Emma Wiggle's smile

It's finally come to light what she's been living through

August 15 2018

Emma Wiggle has made no secret of the fact she's struggled with endometriosis but few know just how much pain the smiley entertainer has been hiding.

In a new interview The Wiggles star has opened up about just how painful her condition is and how she has battled so bravely.

Emma, who recently announced her marriage breakdown to Lachy Wiggle, suffered from endometriosis since she was a teenager but was only diagnosed in March and had to undergo immediate surgery because her body was “completely full” of endometrial tissue.

Emma_Wiggle on Instagram: "Supporting @endometriosisaustralia today at the launch of the new National Action Plan 💛✨🙏🏻⭐️☁️☀️🌼 #endoyellow"
Emma_Wiggle on Instagram: "Supporting @endometriosisaustralia today at the launch of the new National Action Plan 💛✨🙏🏻⭐️☁️☀️🌼 #endoyellow"

“I was starting to have no space, so the priority was to make sure other organs - the bladder and bowel - had space to function,” she told NineHoney.

“For a period of eight months I had bleeding consistently, and then it became every day... I must have just thought, ‘Oh, we’re touring a lot, the environment’s changing’,” she told the website. 


An estimated 700,00 Australian women live with endometriosis, which causes tissue similar to the lining of your womb to grow in other parts of your body. While it often affects the reproductive organs, it can also be found in the bowel, bladder and sometimes in muscles, joints, the lungs and brain. It can make women infertile, although according to Emma, this isn’t something she is facing right now

'Fertility’s not really a thing for me at the moment,” she told NineHoney. 'If I wanted to have children in future... being stage 4, I’ve been advised I will likely need IVF.'

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