Free books written by The Wiggles to be given away at Big W

Over 2.6 million available!

Editor / January 23 2020

Kids favourite Aussie entertainers The Wiggles have penned 8 limited edition free books just for children. And the best news is - they are for FREE!

The 8-part series “Here to Help” books share all the important things toddlers need to know as they grow, covering everything from safety at home, in the water, in the car; to understanding feelings and being thoughtful; as well as the importance of eating a healthy diet, washing your hands and having fun.

Speaking about the upcoming series, Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle) says, “Our “Here to Help” series is all about showing children important life lessons in an engaging way. When other family members become involved or encourage the reading experience it can lead to a very positive, worthwhile, bonding moment. We’re proud to partner with BIG W on this program, providing children with access to books and supporting Aussie families.

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The books are available for 8 weeks starting January 30 at Big W.

The first book in the series will be The Wiggles: Here to Help - Splish, splash, safety! which aims to educate children about staying safe in and around the water - a vital skill during the peak summer season.

Meredith Drake, BIG W’s Category Manager for Books, says providing access to books is at the core of the program, “We want all children and parents to know the joy of reading together and reap the benefits of this precious time with one another. Every day is a big day when you’re a busy parent, so BIG W is helping, through our partnership with The Wiggles, to provide access to books that assist with children’s development and provide priceless bonding moments.”

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