MAFS reunion SHOCK! There's a pregnancy announcement on tonight's show!

But who's going to announce it?

April 07 2019

As if there wasn't already enough drama on the set of Married At First Sight, tonight's finale reunion show is tipped to reveal a shock pregnancy announcement. 

But so far it's not clear which of the couples are going to stand up and tell Australia they are having a baby. 

While the sensible money is on Jules and Cam to announce they're having a baby, Married At First Sight has a habit of shocking us at every twist and turn. Jules and Cam are the only couple this series who are REALLY getting married!

Jules has made no secret of the fact she is desperate to start a family sooner rather than later, "I was looking to meet a guy who's on the same page as me," she says. "I felt very listened to by the experts, in that they matched me with a man who shared the same morals, values and life goals as me. It was really important to me to be with someone who wants to have a family."


Talking getting married on Talking Married! #livetv #allthegoss #TalkingMarried #MAFS
Talking getting married on Talking Married! #livetv #allthegoss #TalkingMarried #MAFS


But could it be Jessika Power? Jessika has been keeping fans guessing after she posed, sticking out her belly - and announcing that she had found a new parter on the show, Dan Webb.

She was originally matched with Mick, but famously found love elsewhere!

But could she really be pregnant so soon?

Who knows - it's MAFS after all!

Over the last 24 hours, there have also been rumours that hot-headed Cyrell could also be expecting her first baby but NOT with her hubby on the show, Nic.

Cyrell Jimenez-Paule revealed last week, that she has found love with another reality TV star, Love island's Eden Dally. 

Is he king ding -a-ling w/ Hurricane Eden
Is he king ding -a-ling w/ Hurricane Eden


The only way to find out is to watch tonight (along with the whole of Australia) and see what bombshells explode during the final episode of the hit show that's taken the country by storm. 


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