WHAT?! You will not believe what Jessika from MAFS looked like BEFORE she looked like this!

Shock before and after photos revealed!

March 22 2019

Talk about unrecognisable!

Jessika Power might be the sultry, sexy temptress on Married At First Sight but, she didn't always look like the husband-magnet we know and love!

Newly-resurfaced photos reveal that the 27-year-old office assistant looked VERY different before her glam TV makeover. Very different!

Photographs from just a few years ago show Jessika with thinner lips, a lot less makeup and an overall natural vibe - but she is almost unrecognisable.





According to her Instagram account, it looks like Jessika loved darker hair, her top lip is naturally thin and at one point she was a fan of red hair!

Back in 2016, Jessika transformed her teeth by getting porcelain veneers.

A WA dental clinic shared before and after photos of the procedure, offering a glimpse at Jessika's pre-MAFS makeover. 

In the before pictures, Jessika's teeth had gaps, chips, yellow discolouration and were unevenly aligned. 




Jessika's lips have also become the centre of discussion during this season of MAFS - only because she appeared to have difficulty speaking during a MAFS dinner party.

'She can barely talk through those lips!' a viewer tweeted just moments after Jessika confronted her co-star Mike Gunner for supposedly calling 'fake'.  

Another person wrote: 'I'm sorry, but Jessika is talking like daffy duck with those lips.'




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