You fight against it - but dropping a good swear word can be good for your soul!

April 05 2019

Mums who drop a few f-bombs are happier, healthier, more intelligent AND honest, according to scientific claims.

Experts say using offensive language shows you have a LARGER vocabulary and this has been linked to having a higher IQ.

Believe it or not, swearing also increases your blood circulation and releases endorphins – those feel-good hormones that give you a rush of happiness!

And dropping a good f-bomb allows you to communicate EXACTLY how you feel, honestly and openly.

These are just some of the surprising findings outlined by Emma Byrne in her book, Swearing Is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language, 



“We spend so much time saying, ‘Oh, you mustn’t swear in front of this person,’ or, ‘I hope my kids don’t swear,’ but at the same time, we all do it,” Byrne said.“We have this odd relationship of trying to cure ourselves of something that’s obviously so beneficial.”

In addition, psychologist Richard Stephens who wrote the book, Black Sheep: The Hidden Benefits Of Being Bad says, "When you swear your heart rate goes up… which suggests an emotional response to the swearing itself.

“This response is the stress fight or flight response and it works as an analgesic if you’re in pain.”

And even though it’s NOT a good idea for your children to swear (obviously), they get similar benefits when they laugh themselves stupid over saying the word ‘poo’ or ‘bum’.

 “Toddlers get this idea that anything to do with the bathroom is taboo, and as soon as they’ve internalised the taboo, they spontaneously start to call people ‘poo faces’ or ‘wee heads’ or whatever,” Emma Byrne says. “It’s just so universal.”



Another study found that if you swear you are likely to lie less and have higher levels of integrity.

Researchers examined participants’ use of swear words and asked them to rate their truthfulness on a scale. This study found a positive relationship between those who cursed and their honesty levels.

So, what does all this teach us? Dropping the odd f*** or s*** is good for you – good for your mental health and shows what an all-round wonderful mother you are. And you can’t say fairer than that!