Parents are sharing the WEIRDEST reasons kids had tantrums and it’s HILARIOUS

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Content Editor / April 04 2019

We all know toddlers and tantrums go together like jelly and ice-cream, but the reasons for the tantrums are often completely bizarre.

Father-of-two Tom Gatti, from London, kicked off a thread on Twitter which went viral when he revealed what sparked his three-year-old son's tantrums.

He tweeted: “Causes of three-year-old's meltdowns this morning: Banana too small, top of banana slightly squashed, honey on porridge doesn't sufficiently resemble 'a swimming pool’.

“Sister had her first wee before his third, doesn't want scooter, does want scooter, something to do with sleeves.”

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Hundreds of other parents chimed in with similar stories, from the strange to the ridiculous.

“Causes of my 4-year-old’s meltdown’s this morning: her big brother was looking at her, I gave her too much milk, our dog was stalking her, today is not Saturday,” wrote one Dad.

“Wanted chocolate for breakfast, wanted to drive herself to nursery, wrong music on in car,” added another parent.

“Never break a cookie in half for a toddler,” another woman wrote. “Still have the emotional scars.”

“My son is seven now, but his thing when he was 3 was demanding I passed, held, or brought him something without touching it, which was quite a stretch without telekinesis,” added another mum.

Other reasons for meltdowns included finding out dinosaurs were dead, buttons on clothes, wanting a window open AND closed at the same time, asking for cut toast then crying because it “wasn’t in one piece.”

What’s the funniest reason your toddler ever had a meltdown?

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