Mum claims her son's 'ADHD behaviour' was caused by breathing through his mouth and sleep issues - and now he's fixed

She found the information online and doctors agreed

November 09 2018

A mum is claiming her son's behavioural issues were fixed after she discovered an article online.

Just a year ago, eight-year-old Kian had explosive tantrums, no appetite, and major control issues when he was angry.

His mum, Melody Yazdani, took him to see doctors and therapists - all who believed he might be showing signs of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and were about to try medication.

But now Melody has taken to Facebook to reveal that a chance discovery of this online article about sleep disorders and the link to a child's behaviour has led her son to turn his life around.

Now Melody is sharing her son's incredible story on Facebook as a warning to other parents with one simple warning:  "Children should not breathe through their mouths."


Melody Yazdani/Facebook

Melody Yazdani/Facebook


Melody explained what Kian's symptoms were and how serious his behavioural issues had become - especially at school. 

In first grade, her "intelligent, feisty, and extremely active" son had not shown symptoms of anger but all of a sudden, he developed an explosive temper.

His teacher would report that, "'Kian pushed so and so' and 'Kian is having a hard time controlling his body'" she wrote. The problem was that was Kian got angry "he gets ANGRY," she said.

By Grade 2, he would erupt in tantrums and meltdowns both at school and at home over the smallest problem.

"Hitting, and throwing things, and the screaming. All the screaming. Starting at 5AM every morning," she added. "We were at a loss -- how did he become this way, what could we have done different?" she said.

She added that she then started seeing therapists and doctors who all suggested his symptoms looked like he had ADHD.





But when reading on-line articles about Kian and his problems, the mum found something that gave her a true 'lightbulb moment'.

She realised Kian was breathing through his mouth, which meant that at night he wasn't getting much sleep as he had sleep apnea - and this was causing the tiredness, temper tantrums, anger issues and meltdowns.







After further visits to doctors Kian was diagnosed with sleep apnea and sinusitis, which exhibit the "exact same symptoms" as the attention disorder. "All the signs were there, right in front of our eyes, and I had no clue," she wrote. 

According to Melody, sleep deprivation and ADHD get misdiagnosed often. "Studies have been done where they took medicated ADHD kids, fixed the sleep disordered breathing, and within six months 70% of the children had seen a resolution in symptoms and were no longer medicated," the mom explained. 

"As in, their 'ADHD' was cured. Because it wasn't ADHD. In 70% of children. Let that sink in. This means that 70% of those children had been misdiagnosed with ADHD, when they actually had a treatable sleep disorder."


Kian had his tonsils and adenoids removed. "The change was immediate," Melody wrote.

"We have seen a complete 180 in behavior," she continued. "No more angry tantrums, no more fixation on little OCD things, it's been an enormous change."

Getting Kian's tonsils and adenoids out was only step one of the process. The Yazdanis will also be fixing Kian's jaw and tongue issues, which were a result of his sleep apnea. But for now Kian's progress is a blessing that the family cherishes. 

Melody is now using her platform to share her experience and to encourage other parents who might be trying to solve their own "medical mysteries."

"No one, in my 12 years of parenting, ever told me any of this," Melody said. 

 To read Melody's full post about her findings with Kian, go here.