Mother of two boys who drowned in Townsville is arrested over deaths

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Writer / April 05 2019

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that the following story contains images of people who have died

The mother of two young boys who drowned in a river in Townsville in Feburary has been arrested in relation to their deaths.

Leanne Eatts was taken into police custody on Friday and is expected to be charged later this afternoon.

Barak Austral and Jhulio Sariago drowned after they wandered away from the family home on February 25. Their mother is expected to be charged with their manslaughter, Nine News reports.

Despite a frantic search involving emergency services and dozens of local residents the boys were not found on the evening they went missing, but their bodies were found in the river the next morning.

Snr Sgt Miles said the police will allege that the boys were left regularly unsupervised.

Their mother is also expected to be charged with trafficking dangerous drugs including supply of illicit substances to minors.

“As a result of what's been a fairly arduous investigation over the last five weeks, we've taken the boys' mother into custody,” Snr Sgt Miles said.

“This investigation centres around the care of these young boys and what led to their tragic passing. This is a catastrophic result for this family and it is a preventable tragedy.

“There is no way that these boys should be been able to go down to the river. Their deaths, under appropriate supervision and management by a parent, would have been averted.”

Police will allege Ms Eatts was “solely responsible for the failure of these two young boys”, Mr Miles said.

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