Two little brothers missing in Townsville found dead

Just heartbreaking

Content Editor / February 25 2019

Two young brothers who went missing yesterday evening were found dead in a Townsville river.

The boys were seen swimming in the Ross River by a member of the public and appeared to be having fun, however it turned to tragedy, reports Nine News.

The bodies of the boys, aged three and five, were found in the river early on Tuesday after a desperate search involving hundreds of people.

The two boys – believed to be stepbrothers, were caught on security cameras walking away from a Cranbrook home on Monday, towards a riverside park where they often played.

Police were hoping they may simply just have gotten lost, however officers made the heart-breaking discovery near Cranbrook Park just before 6am on Tuesday.

“We've conducted a search and unfortunately tragically for the family involved and the boys, we located both of those boys deceased near each other,” Senior Sergeant Ian Wilkie said.

“We all know it has been a challenging month for Townsville as it is and the entire community pitched in to search for these boys.

“Our hearts and thoughts go out to the family this morning. Their grief must be unbearable,” he added.

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