Townsville mum accused of manslaughter says she “slept well” knowing she didn’t have to get up with her sons

Just awful

Content Editor / May 02 2019

A mother accused of manslaughter after her two boys drowned in a river was overheard saying "I slept well last night knowing I didn’t have to get up to the boys."

The comment made by Leeanne Eatts was revealed in court by prosecutor Liam Wise, who is arguing against Eatts being granted bail over the deaths of her sons, three-year-old Jhulio and five-year-old Barack, 7 News reports.

The magistrate is deliberating over whether to release the woman on bail, potentially with a tracking device.

The 47-year-old mother was charged with manslaughter a few weeks after her two sons drowned after going swimming alone in a Townsville river.

On another occasion, the woman is alleged to have said: “I have been getting away with a lot because of the boys, I've been high on ice and they let me drive off. Uniform don't scare me, I'm untouchable.”

She is also claimed to have boasted that she was a better driver when she had taken ice or was drunk.

The court also heard how Eatts, via text messages, allegedly offered to help a wanted man flee to the Northern Territory.

Police fear she could do the same.

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