BREAKING: $40 MILLION of cocaine is found inside ALDI banana boxes

Police were called immediately

April 07 2019

A shock for shoppers!  $40million of cocaine has been found hidden in banana boxes at Aldi. 

Staff at six ALDI supermarkets in Germany rocked by the discovery with authorities stating that the shipments arrived from Latin America, New Idea Food reports.



A photograph on social media shows how the bundles of cocaine were wrapped in black plastic, and sat on top of the bananas.

The discoveries were made at ALDI stores in the German town of Rostock, as well as a nearby logistics centre in Jarmen. 



This isn’t the first time that drug shipments have been found in German supermarkets. Around 87 kg was found last week in supermarkets in the Rhine-Main region, while a tonne was discovered in Hamburg in November, 2018.


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