This $12 Kmart hack keeps the inside of your car SPOTLESS! (No more hidden raisins!)

So simple yet so clever!

March 13 2019

An Aussie mum has discovered a genius Kmart hack for getting rid of all of her children’s mess in the back of the car once and for all.

Mum-of-four Rebecca Vitukawalu uses Kmart’s $12 pet hammock strung up in the back seat of her car to protect her upholstery AND make it easier and quicker to clean.

“I’m a complete neat freak and I’m always looking for ways to make life easier,” Rebecca told Better Homes and Gardens.

“I spotted the pet hammock and thought I’d give it a try,” she said.


Rebecca Vitukawalu

Rebecca Vitukawalu


Rebecca just stretches the pet hammock over the head rests on each seat and secures with the adjustable straps.

“Now my boys can enjoy a snack without me having to vacuum the car each day,” she explained.

“Then I just slide it out, shake it off, give it a wipe over and pop it back on.”




But it's not just old raisins and sandwich crusts that Rebecca is saving her car from - she lives in Mount Isa so this clever hack keeps the elements at bay.

“In Mount Isa we have lots of red dust so the hammock is fantastic as it keeps the dust out of the carpet and seats. It’s a huge time saver," she admits.

The hack made waves on the Kmart Hacks & Décor Facebook page.

“That’s an awesome idea!!” said one woman. “[I’m] so gonna try this [with] my twins.”

“OMG you are a genius!!!” another commenter added.

However some members of the group urged caution when using the pet hammock in the car.

“In [the] event of an accident your car seats will not be covered by your insurance,” warned one woman.

“I was told that you cannot put any fabric under a car seat,” added another.


Rebecca Vitukawalu

Rebecca Vitukawalu

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