The ALL-NEW Kmart $4 kitchen storage container nearly sells out in hours!

From dog biscuit to Weetbix, it's perfect for the pantry.

February 18 2019

A brand new $4 Kmart storage system has swept the internet with fans raving about how handy it is.

The stackable containers which can hold anything you like including cereal, flour, sugar, rice or pasta are $4 each and can be stacked in the pantry for easy use.

The storage containers shot to fame on the Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia by follower Amanda who said, ‘Love these for the pantry!’


Kmart Mums Australia

Kmart Mums Australia

Kmart Mums Australia

Kmart Mums Australia


Fellow Kmart Mums follower Erin agreed saying they are a great addition to her kitchen, ‘Who ever posted this is a genius. I’ve got 3 boys who eat a lot of cereal and I couldn't stand the boxes half open in the cupboard. This makes me happy!’ She added that the size she bought fits a ‘large box of cereal.’

Since the containers went public on Facebook, there's been a surge of people buying them but they don't appear to be for sale on-line yet. 

Kmart home buys have become the latest sensation to hit Australia, with a $1.50 lunchbox proving to be a sell-out, and a baby storage stacker for just $25 becoming be a huge hit!


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