This designer-style hack was only $1.95 from Bunnings!

And you don't need to be a craft-genius to make it work!

August 13 2018

One creative Queensland mum has caused a stir on social media, transforming a Bunnings door mat into a designer-style planter cover.

Alicia Curtis snapped up the $1.95 seagrass door mats at Bunnings on a whim and was inspired to create on-trend seagrass baskets after seeing them in high-end stores.

'Inspiration comes to me at the strangest times,' explained the mother of four, 'but I saw a lot of seagrass baskets in the shops which were very expensive.'

'I was at Bunnings one day to pick up some supplies for my renovation and I came across these seagrass door mats for $1.95. I thought they were a great material and I could make something with them. I wasn’t sure what at the time, but I grabbed an armful and headed home,' she said.


'This hack turned out to be the quickest and easiest one I’ve done. I just tied or threaded the jute string around the mats, overlapping them depending on size. The mats were easy to cut to size and won’t unravel. The covers slipped straight over existing pots,” she said.

The hack created a lot of interest all over social media.

'Great hack from the hacking champion,' said one follower.

'One of my favourite hacks, so clever,' added another.


Alicia at work

Alicia at work