It's official: the world's most bizarre parenting hacks THAT WORK!

These are genius

November 15 2018

The average parent uses on average seven parenting hacks every day, according to a new US survey.

The study of 2000 parents revealed mums and dads are using tactics such as adding marshmallows to food to make mealtimes more enticing, charging iPads to 35 per cent only to limit screen time and telling kids medicine in ‘candy’ are some of the ploys used.

When it comes to items that help parents get through the day, many said that TV, movies and wet wipes were indispensable.

Top creative parenting hacks
• Blend up broccoli into ketchup and call it “Special Ketchup”
• Putting fiber in their chocolate milk to keep them regular
• Put food coloring into food to make meals more fun
• Add marshmallows to vegetables
• Add sprinkles to vegetables
• Set their alarm to be music from their favorite video game
• Play the quiet game at bedtime; first one to talk loses
• Blend cauliflower into mac and cheese
• Bribe them with candy if they finish their vegetables
• Bribe them with YouTube if they behave
• Calling all meats “chicken”
• Keep the iPad only 35% charged so they don’t spend too much time on it
• They have to be sweet to get sweets
• Give them a drink that is half juice and half water
• Tell them celery will give them super powers
• Tell if them that their eyes turn green when they lie
• Tell them that cavity monsters will get their teeth if they don’t brush
• Let them “pick” their healthy snack so they feel in charge
• Tell them medicine is candy
• Tell them a bowl of broccoli is only for you, so they keep asking for some until they eat it all

The new survey, which was conducted by streaming service Vudu, found parents spend around five hours every week actively trying to get their child to do something, from eating meals to finishing chores.

52 per cent of the parents surveyed said they use parenting hacks to get their children to behave, 48 per cent use them to save time, and 43 per cent employ the hacks to get some peace and quiet.