Man discovers girlfriend FAKED miscarriage to 'TEST' him

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Writer / April 12 2019

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is hugely exciting, however if it’s unexpected or unplanned, it can also come as a huge shock.

A 21-year-old man was surprised when his girlfriend announced she was pregnant, especially as they had been using precautions.

Although he felt he wasn’t at all ready to be a Dad, he tried to support his girlfriend as best he could – until she did the unthinkable by faking a miscarriage to “test” how badly he wanted to be a father.

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“3 months ago we found out that my gf (or ex now) is pregnant,” the man explained on Reddit.

“I took the news badly at first. I became surly, didn't talk, and just kept to myself for 2 whole days right after she told me. I was terrified and did NOT want to be a father at all. I just needed time to adjust to the news.

“I think she expected happiness from both of us as she imagined I'd scoop her up and kiss her and cry tears of happiness after hearing she's pregnant.

“Our relationship during this time was extremely rocky because she wanted us to be engaged before the baby came, and I dragged my feet. I took her to all of her appointments, paid for as much as I could afford, and was there 24/7 for anything she needed,” he added.

"The worst mistake of my life"

A few weeks later, the man’s girlfriend sat him down and said she’d had a miscarriage but that she was fine. She asked him how he felt about it, and he admitted he felt relieved as he wasn’t ready to be a father – and all hell broke loose.

“She starts screaming, crying, throwing things at me. She says she's not miscarried, that it was a test to see my dedication and I've failed it completely.

“In short we fought for like 3 whole days after this, with little sleep bc she'd randomly throw cups of icy water on me if I dozed off.

“At the end of that I said I can't do this anymore and broke up with her. I told her I'll be there for the baby and I'll pay my share of whatever is needed but I can't be her boyfriend and I can't marry her,” he wrote.

He is now on the receiving end of wrath from both sets of parents, saying her hormones are to blame and he needs to do the right thing and stick with her. However, he says if he marries her he feels it would be the worst mistake of his life.

"Get a paternity test"

The majority of posters commented in support of the young man, saying her behavior was unacceptable.

“She shouldn't have done that. Do your duty and pay your child support, but I wouldn't stay in a relationship with her,” was one blunt comment.

Some even thought the baby may not even be his.

“Even if you think it is your kid DO NOT SIGN the birth certificate until you have the hospital do a paternity test. Once you sign you are financially responsible for that kid for the next 18 years,” one person wrote.

“Don't try and rebuild a romantic relationship, but for the sake of your future child you should consider going to counseling with her so you two can at least be civil parents,” added another.

“Having a relationship where you two can at least communicate is important for your child.”

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