“I don’t have the heart to tell my wife I’m dying”

Husband’s tragic dilemma

Content Editor / June 27 2019

A dying man has revealed he “doesn't have the heart” to tell his wife he has less than a year to live.

The anonymous husband posted on Reddit, explaining that he has a medical condition and his original life expectancy was around 60.

However, his condition has worsened recently and he’s now faced with the reality that he has only between six and 12 months to live.

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“I am married for four years with no kids. I haven't had the heart to tell my wife the news - I don't even know how,” he wrote.

“I've been saving up to go to graduate school, however I don't see much point in that now.

“My idea is to take some of that money, take my wife to Australia for a few months and enjoy the time together.”

He added that his plan would be to break the news to his wife at the end of the holiday, so she wouldn’t be upset and they could enjoy the time together.

Commenters were very divided in their responses, with some saying he should tell her immediately and others claiming he had a right to choose when to break the news.

“Please tell her. My mother hid her cancer from me and my family - we eventually found out and she spent her last month in a hospital while her children and husband were so confused,” said one.

“As the wife of a husband who is also dying, please, please tell her. She’ll never forgive you if you don’t,” wrote another.

Others sided with the man and felt he should be able to take his time.

“He wants to be able to spend the last few months of his life on his terms enjoying himself,” one wrote.

“He knows her well enough to know that if he breaks the news now the last 12 months will be a prolonged experience where he has to nurse through his SO while his final days dry up,” added another commenter.

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