Anti-Vaxx Mum’s Baby Died from asphyxiation, not From Vaccines.

The six-month-old was co-sleeping with her Mother.

September 25 2019

Anti-vax billboard with Evee's face on it. Image: Facebook.

Anti-vax billboard with Evee's face on it. Image: Facebook.


Mum Catelin work up to find baby Evee ‘cold and pale’ and has repeatedly claimed that the vaccines were the cause of death.

However the medical examiner has ruled differently. After examining Evee’s body they reported that she died from asphyxiation caused by co-sleeping with mother Catelin.


According to an investigation by NBC, areas of her nose, chest, arms and legs were 'discolored and pooled with blood'. It was an indication that Evee had been face-down for a substantial amount of time.  

In a comment to NBC reporters, Clobes is said to have rejected the autopsy’s findings, writing “I safely co-slept with my daughter, that has nothing to do with her death,” she said via Facebook Messenger.

Midwest Medical Examiner's Office report.

Midwest Medical Examiner's Office report.

Evee has become the poster child for the US anti-vaccination movement after her mother allowed popular anti-vaxxer organisation to use images of Evee on billboards and posters.

In Facebook posts, fundraising campaigns, and online forums, the baby’s mother, Catelin Clobes, has claimed vaccines caused her child’s death and circulated stories about other families who claim vaccines killed their children.


Taking to Facebook Catelin has responded to the medical examiners findings.

I’m making nothing up. This is not “stuff” I’m hearing, this is what I am living. I understand the need for vaccinations, I get the government’s reasoning, the importance. Sure. The lack of care, lack of research, lack of information about gene testing and titer level testing to prevent injuries and deaths, lack of any TRUTH or answers, and the lack of any real accountability when it comes to the negative, that I don’t understand. The corruption – that is what blows my mind.

So I will continue on my fight for the answer I am looking for. I’m just also on a mission to expose and share with everyone the crazy, sick truth I am experiencing along the way. (That’s what this post is about.)

Mommy has got your back, my “Eeves Peeves”! She always has and she always will. #justiceforevee”