Twin girls found dead in a hot car, Mum demands answers.

Twin three-year-old girls have died from heatstroke after being found in a hot car.

Editor / October 02 2019

Hinesville Police department says officers were called to a home on the 200 block of Augusta Way in the Griffin Park subdivision shortly after 1:30 p.m.

Earlier in the morning, a caregiver, now identified as a foster parent, could not locate the children inside the home after searching for them.

The department said the foster parent searched the backyard and surrounding area in the neighbourhood before returning to home to search again.

“It was during this second search that the children were found unresponsive inside a vehicle parked in the home’s backyard,” Hinesville Police Department stated.

Temperatures reached 34 degrees on the day the girls went missing.

It is unknown how three-year-old twins Raelynn and Payton got into the car.

Skye Reyes, the girls’ biological mum, told WTOC she wants answers as to how the twins died.

“It feels like a giant nightmare,” she said.

“Where was the woman watching them? It doesn’t make sense whatsoever.”

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