Woman agrees to marry boyfriend, but with one VERY strict condition


Content Editor / May 29 2019

One woman was thrilled when her boyfriend of three years proposed at a beautiful and romantic restaurant.

However, her joy soon faded when she took a proper look at her new sparkly engagement ring, and decided that it was “cheap, with a tiny diamond.”

“I cried tears of joy and said yes. When he proposed, I didn’t even look at the ring; I just knew I wanted him,” she wrote on Reddit.

Now she says she wants him to buy her a better ring – or the marriage is off.

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“My boyfriend is a doctor; he has no debt, and makes an easy 200k and change,” she explained. She also added that he is happy to spend money on expensive wine and flashy holidays.

The ring he bought cost $350, and she says she wants a ring that costs “in the $2000-$3000 range.

“He said he will get another ring if I really hate my ring, but spending more than $500 was straight-up not happening.

“I told him that that’s fine, but my “yes” is conditional on getting a better ring that I actually like, and he will be very hard-pressed to find one I like for less than $500. If I’m not worth the cost, then I know where he stands.”

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So far the post has received more than 1500 comments, and people are VERY divided in their responses.

“I understand that you don’t feel valued, but the way you’ve said it here kind of makes it sound like you’re a gold digger,” wrote one person.

“He should probably not marry her in that case. I get that rings are important, but this comes across as pure materialism,” wrote another.

“A good marriage has to have balance. Instead of respecting what she wants, he is attacking her for it. If that is how the marriage will go, she is right to give him an ultimatum about it, “ added a third.

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