Jett Kenny fires up AGAIN after he tells mum to 'Give your goddam kid a smack'

He's at it again!

September 09 2018

Australian model Jett Kenny has lashed out at critics who accused him of promoting smacking, telling them 'there are bigger things to focus on.'

Last week, the 23-year-old was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room when he filmed a young boy flinging a box of pencils around the room repeatedly.

Jett posted the video as an Instagram story with the words ‘Give your kid a goddamn smack.’

The Full Monty star followed this up with a poll asking ‘Anyone else get smacked as a kid? I sure did if I was being nawty,’ – inviting his followers to press yes or no.


His post started a nation-wide debate and on the Sunrise Facebook page, where parents were discussing whether Jett's comments were out of line he wrote,

“Morning y’all, just a few things.

– I was at the doctors getting a referral for an MRI on my knee if anyone wanted to know the finer details of my life. Not at the airport.
– As I child if I did something naughty (yes I do know how to spell that difficult word, someone give me a sticker) I got a smack, which then associated punishment if I was naughty.
– “Nawty” was a way to lighten up the situation, if you say it like Herbert from family guy but without the creepiness behind it you’ll understand.
– I never said a word to the lady, but she did deal with the child as best as she could without smacking.
– my fear was with the pencils, we all know what happens to the lead when you drop a pencil. Those poor kids who have to try sharpen them afterwards.

He added, “Surely there are bigger things to focus on than a poor excuse for a “model”s instagram. But I hope everyone has a lovely day.”

There's been no comment from his mum Lisa Curry, the former Olympian, or his Dad iron man, Grant Kenny...

What do you think of Jett's comments? 

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