TV reporter hits back at criticism about her baby’s appearance

“You’re actually sending a damaging message”

Content Editor / September 07 2018

Channel Nine presenter Sam Squiers has shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, asking people to stop commenting on her daughter’s appearance.

Baby Immi has a birthmark, called a hemangioma, just above one of her eyes, and Sam says she is tired of all the negativity she receives about it.

Here are just some of the comments she has received from strangers:

“Eew! What is it?”
“Hello... oh! What’s that?”
“What’s that thing on his head?” 
“Does it hurt?”
“Is it itchy?”
“Ouch! That mark on her head looks painful”

“I’m just not sure you realise that even the little messages you send have a huge impact,” Sam wrote.

“I’m trying my best to send positive messages to my little girl, Imogen.

“I know you mean no harm, I know you’re interested, or in some cases, trying to be helpful but you don’t realise you’re actually sending a damaging message.

“You’re telling her that what’s on the outside is important, to judge from what you only see.”

Sam goes on to explain that her daughter’s hemangioma is not a big deal, and should stop being treated like one.

“It’s like a freckle or beauty spot or I don’t know, like a cheekbone. But you’re making it out as though it’s something more,” she shared.

“Immi’s too young to notice now but soon she won’t be, so I need you to be aware of this.”