7 ways to make your morning run smoother

Trying to get out the door for the school run? These tips will help

September 07 2018

Turn off your digital devices
Not only do your digital devices need to be shut off every now and then to function properly, but turning them off means you will be free from the influence of blue light, which makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Being free from Instagram and other social media will also provide you with a little headspace.

Make a list
If any niggling thoughts are irritating you, jot them all down on paper to-do list style, that way the thoughts are out of your mind, down on paper as a reminder, and you can get some sleep without stressing about the things you have to remember to do.

Tidy up
Give your kitchen, living room and bathroom a quick tidy up and ensure all your morning go-to appliances and products are where they’re supposed to be. No one likes spending valuable time hunting down a hair tie.

Have a stretch
Work out the kinks in your back, neck, leg or hip with a few gentle stretches that offer relief to your aching muscles. The stretching will release physical tension and help you relax for a good night’s sleep.

Pick out tomorrow’s outfit
It may sound a little over-organised, but laying out your clothes for the next day saves you deliberating over your outfit in the morning. Check the weather and the tasks on your to-do list tomorrow and select clothes accordingly.

Have a glass of water
Hydration is the solution to so many health and beauty woes, so ensure you’re all topped up with H2O before tucking yourself into bed.

Tuck yourself into bed and settle down to read a few pages before nodding off to sleep. Reading is a relaxing activity and a great way to start or finish a winding-down ritual.

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens. 

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