Mum jailed for failing to stop baby's dad shaking him to death

Laura Davies was sentenced to 18 months in prison

September 07 2018

A mum has been jailed for failing to stop her son's dad from shaking him to death.

Laura Davies, 25, was sentenced to 18 months for allowing the death of six-month-old Kayden Walker.


Kayden Walker

Kayden Walker

Poor little Kayden suffered a "catastrophic brain injury" after being shaken by Ricky Walker, who was jailed for six years.

But Laura Davies failed to protect her son and "heed warning signals", a judge said.

Laura Davies

Laura Davies

Davies, who has a history of mental health issues, did argue with her 27-year-old partner about his treatment of their baby boy but failed to inform police of 'warning signals', after he said "let's see how long it takes for him [Kayden] to suffocate".

Last month, Walker was jailed after little Kayden was found to have been "forcibly shaken" and it looked like his head had been hit against a hard surface.

Kayden went into cardiac arrest at home and was pronounced dead in hospital.

Ricky Walker

Ricky Walker

The Judge told the mum from the UK, 'You failed to take such steps as you could reasonably have been expected to take to protect Kayden.

'He was only six months old and you left him in the sole care of Ricky Walker in the flat and you failed to heed warning signals arising from Ricky Walker's behaviour.'


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