Toddler survives for four days on bread and butter after mum's tragic death

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September 06 2018

A three-year-old girl was discovered at home alone, surviving on bread and butter, after her mother killed herself, an inquest heard.

Mum-of-two, Aimee Louise Evans, from Port Talbot, South Wales, was found dead at her home back in April.

The inquest heard that when police arrived at the house, they discovered the toddler and believe she had been surviving on bread and butter for up to four days. They found her 28-year-old mum's body upstairs. 

PC Clive Morris, of South Wales Police, told the inquest that he found the little girl looking dishevelled at the house and was concerned for her welfare. 

'I became increasingly aware of the three-year-old's wellbeing - the child had been there for three to four days and she was unkempt,' he said.

'She was taken to hospital to be checked by a paediatrician.'

Aimee's son was staying with his father at the time.


Aimee Louise/Facebook

Aimee Louise/Facebook


On April 4, Aimee had sent a text to her mother, Julie Evans, asking her to collect her daughter because she was 'ending it'. Her mum replied, 'do not be daft' and asked her daughter what the problem was.

Aimee's mum then tried to get in contact with her daughter by phone and visiting the house but couldn't reach her. 

The inquest heard the single mum was last seen alive on April 3, at her mother's house.

When her body was found it was discovered that Aimee had been drinking before her death. 

Tests showed she had 216mg of alcohol per 100ml in her blood. The  drink-drive limit in the UK is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

A verdict of suicide was recorded.

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